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Academic guide to social media and blogging

Claire Shaw, journalist for the Guardian Higher Education Network, shares advice on blogging and using Twitter more effectively.

During a public seminar for the School of Advanced Study, Claire reveals that the main purposes for academics using social media are:

  • Public Engagement – broadcasting research, getting critical feedback from peers
  • Outreach – to pursue/ promote opportunities for cross collaboration, partnership, mentoring etc
  • Measure Impact – to see how other researchers and members of the public interact with the research
  • To Engage in Debate – to voice opinions and comment on current topics

She also provides advice for researchers wanting to pitch articles for the Guardian Higher Education Network site, stressing the importance of having a clear and timely news hook and a well researched topic.

Watch the full presentation below.

If you would like help with using social media to promote your research, please email me at

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