Athena SWAN are running a campaign –to encourage all staff to make a small change in their working lives which might improve gender equality.

Take one small step……Towards promoting gender equality

Bringing about the change is always difficult, but if we can get enough people to take a small step then we should be able to measure the impact across the whole institution, as the whole is always more than the sum of the parts.

Staff are being challenged to say what they will do

What could you do?

  • Review images on your web pages to ensure good role models are used
  • Set a target for gender diversity on your programme / module
  • Change the times of meetings to make them more gender friendly
  • Review adverts for E&D gender implications
  • Include E&D actions / target in your PDR
  • Review your teaching materials for gender images

The VC has committed to organising Unconscious bias training sessions.

You could commit to attend one.vc1