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Europa Media Trainings offer new courses on Horizon 2020

Europa Media Trainings have opened new courses on Horizon 2020 proposal development, project management and financial reporting, and EC audits.
If you or any of your colleagues are preparing Horizon 2020 proposals and/or involved in managing or coordinating H2020 projects, or you simply would like to know more about EU funding for research and innovation, then please click on the links below and explore what Europa Media has to offer you.

They are organising the following courses in autumn/winter of 2016:
Courses on project development:

1-day Horizon 2020 Proposal Development workshop:
13 October and 24 November in Vienna

Dissemination, IP and Exploitation in Horizon 2020:
14 October and 25 November in Vienna

Courses on Technical and  Financial Management:

H2020 Master of Finance and Administration courses:
22-23 September and 10-11 November 2016 in Vienna, Austria

H2020 Project Management and Financial Reporting:
27-28 October in Milan, Italy and 8-9 December in Vienna, Austria

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