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Advance Information for Confidence in Global Nutrition and Health Research: Institutional “pump-priming” awards to develop new opportunities in Global Nutrition and Health Research

The “Confidence in” schemes are used to demonstrate MRC’s support for institutional development in key strategic areas.  We are pleased to announce our “Confidence in Global Nutrition and Health Research” call as part of our suite of activities under the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). The research supported through this call will contribute to the UK’s commitment to research for the benefit of Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs; as listed here).

The purpose of this call is to provide institutional “pump-priming” funds to lay the grounds for future large scale, multidisciplinary, cross-country global nutrition and health research bids addressing issues of primary relevance to LMICs. It is expected that these funds will help develop new strategies in global nutrition and health research, within and across institutions and in partnership with LMICs.

These are flexible institutional awards. Funds can be used to undertake research projects to generate preliminary data and to build, expand or consolidate UK-LMIC partnerships. These funds provide an opportunity to define research questions; assess the viability of proposed approaches relevant to the local socioeconomic and cultural context; and assess the feasibility of establishing sustainable UK-LMIC partnerships. It is expected that “Confidence in Global Nutrition and Health Research” awardees will use preliminary data or established partnerships to inform more substantive research opportunities, through the MRC Boards and Panels as well as via future GCRF calls

Funding applications open 4th July 2017
Funding applications close 14th September 2017


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