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Disrupting Internationalisation Discourses: Discussing Equity and Inclusion Wednesday 19 July, 9.30am-4pm Gardner Tower, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, University of Sussex

This seminar draws together international expertise to re-think and challenge existing research on higher education and internationalisation by highlighting the importance of debates about equity and inclusion.

Keynote presentations:

  1. Professor Sue Webb, Monash University, Australia Re-working equity in globalised higher education: Access to university in Australia for people seeking asylum
  2. Dr Linda Morrice, University of Sussex, The global crisis of refugee education:The neglect of young people and adults
  3. Dr Terri Kim, University of East London, Academic mobility, transnational identity capital, and stratification under conditions of academic capitalism
  4. Lee Rensimer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Buy British, Be Global: Marketing mobility to expatriates at international branch campuses


Including presentations from visiting Roma scholars on the theme:

‘Reflections on equity, inclusion and internationalisation: What might that mean for the Roma in Europe?’

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