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Relationships between regulation and health: themed call for Seed Awards in Humanities and Social Science

For the current funding round of Seed Awards in Humanities and Social Science, we are only accepting applications that explore the relationships between regulation and health.

The deadline for these applications is October 2017.

Rules, laws and guidelines affect how people deliver healthcare and biomedical research.

Rapid and unexpected technological, social and political change can test regulations, sometimes to breaking point. We’re looking for innovative research proposals that explore this.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • how the regulation of heath has been experienced and understood in the past
  • how regulators prepare for unknown developments
  • why regulation doesn’t always work
  • promoting health by regulating how people behave
  • how ethical norms are translated into regulation
  • alternatives to governments as regulators
  • the interplay of regulatory regimes (for example at a national and international level)
  • regulation of drug research, production and distribution
  • regulation of health emergencies and crises.

We welcome research ideas from a range of humanities and social science disciplines.

Find out more about applying for Seed Awards in Humanities and Social Science.

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