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EPSRC to Host Psychoacoustics, Hearing and Engineering Collaborative Workshop – deadline for EoI 20 November

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is holding a two-day workshop to explore collaborative research opportunities between psychoacoustics, hearing and engineering, specifically within the information and communications technologies. The event will take place in Bristol on 6 and 7 February 2018.

The meeting is designed to address concerns that EPSRC’s research areas fail to sufficiently address challenges related to hearing. Much of the hearing research supported by EPSRC is based in engineering departments and lacks connections to relevant underpinning biology. Increases in computer power have led engineers to technological solutions which are not grounded in an understanding of human hearing. This lack of connection is a concern and the disconnect appears to be growing.

Overcoming these issues and developing new routes to diagnosis and intervention will mean fostering the interface between researchers studying human hearing on the one hand and engineers on the other. The workshop will therefore be multidisciplinary, bringing together researchers from varied domains, from psychology to computer science. Such research will not only benefit the hearing community, but will extend into other areas such as the creative industries and building design.

The workshop has the following core aims:

  • To identify the strengths of UK psychoacoustics community.
  • To identify and explore the research opportunities for linking the hearing research community to engineering, particularly within the information and communications technologies (ICT).
  • To identify the barriers to realising these opportunities.
  • To identify the steps that need to be taken to realise the opportunities and maintain and enhance position of the community in UK and worldwide.
  • To develop a strategy for the development of research in this area, including first steps to a roadmap for research.

EPSRC is including sound and the intersection of sound with computer science in the workshop’s scope. This includes the development of algorithms, signal processing techniques, user interfaces or information systems to support music or sound based interactions between humans and computers, between performer and audience, as well as applications in healthcare (assistive technology) and robotics.

It is also including basic studies of the biology and psychology of human hearing where the purpose of the research is to underpin design and implementation of human-computer interfaces and other aspects of ICT design. However, speech-based interactions and the use of acoustic technology in engineering-based applications are excluded from the workshop.

Those wishing to attend should complete the online Expression of Interest (EoI) form. This will be used to select participants based on their areas of expertise, ability and willingness to contribute to the discussion as described in their EoI submission. Places are limited and the number of participants from a given organisation may have to be restricted in the event of multiple applications.

EPSRC will be covering the cost of accommodation during the workshop. However, expenses for travel and subsistence or accommodation incurred by participants will not be covered by EPSRC.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 20 November 2017.

Successful applicants will be notified in the week commencing 8 January 2018.

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