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International Centre for Public Pedagogies Seminar Series 15 November 2017 – Dr Blake Morris, University of East London Walking Libraries: A Point of Global Exchange…

We are delighted to announce the following seminar as the next installment in our series.

Colleagues from all schools welcome.

Wednesday 15th November 2017


1-2pm  Location: Cass School of Education and Communities ED.2.04 (Stratford)


Dr Blake Morris, University of East London


Walking Libraries: A Point of Global Exchange…

In this paper I discuss The Walking Library (2012-Ongoing), a walking art project by Deirdre Heddon and Misha Myers that brings libraries into the landscape. Through the creation of site-specific library collections, Heddon and Myers foster new relationships between reading, writing and walking, and link a variety of global spaces through local walking practices. I identify The Walking Library as part of an emergent mode of practice in the artistic medium of walking that offers ways to reimagine our relationship to the landscape and the multiplicity of global networks that constitute our understanding of it. I argue this work uses the resolutely local act of walking to foster a global sense of place and provide participants with opportunities to reimagine the landscape.

Dr. Blake Morris is a walking artist and researcher based in London. He is a founding member of the Walk Exchange, a cross-disciplinary walking group based in New York City. Along with Clare Qualmann (Walking Artists Network), he co-edits ‘Lines of Desire’ for Living Maps Review, a critical cartography journal. His work has been shown at Ovalhouse Theatre (London), Bogart Salon (New York City) and Superfront Gallery (Los Angeles, Detroit, NYC). He currently works as a visiting lecturer at the University of East London, where he focuses on walking as an artistic medium.


The International Centre for Public Pedagogy (ICPuP) was founded in 2013, and is based in the Cass School of Education and Communities. It is cross-disciplinary with members from Education, Psychology and Performing Arts. Public pedagogy is a relatively new area of educational scholarship that considers the application and development of educational theory and approaches beyond formal schooling. Public pedagogy includes analysis, investigation and action research in contexts such as cultural education, public spaces, non-formal learning, technology and education, popular culture and political struggle. The centre hosts seminars once a month during term time.


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