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Update: National Funding for Swiss Participants in Horizon 2020

The Swiss Federal Council has recently released information about funding provided by the Swiss Government to fund participation of Swiss organisations in Horizon 2020.

The Swiss Federal Government has just announced its provision of national funding for Swiss legal entities participating in successful bids under the 2014 calls of Horizon 2020. The Swiss government wants to ensure that the participation of Switzerland in the Horizon 2020 programme remains strong after the European Commission assigned it a developed third-country status, ineligible for EU funding after popular referendum in February 2014, which effectively limited the immigration of Croatian nationals to Switzerland. This initiative, however, remains an interim measure as details of national funding for Swiss legal entities after the 2014 call of Horizon 2020 remain unknown.

To access the full press release from the Swiss Federal Government, please click HERE.


UKRO – sign up now for H2020 updates

The UKRO Portal provides regular updates and daily news on EU funding programmes, with a particular focus on Horizon 2020. The Portal also provides information on other European funding programmes and has a dedicated EU policy section. When signing up, you can tailor your profile to meet your specific needs, by selecting research and policy areas of interest and by determining the frequency of email updates.

Horizon 2020 started at the beginning of this year and the first set of calls has been launched. UKRO keeps you up to date on the latest Horizon 2020 developments, including on the work programme development, the likely timetable for future calls, application, proposal writing and project implementation advice, information on networking and brokerage events, information days, partner searches and relevant related policy developments.

Signing up only takes a few minutes: New users from organisations that subscribe to UKRO can set up a profile on the UKRO Portal by going to There is a Quick Registration option or the option to tailor your profile according to specific areas of interest.


News : Watch video on ‘step by step’ guide to ERC grants

The European Research Council (ERC) has this latest film which will give you an overview of the schemes and what the ERC are looking for.

The ERC encourages in particular proposals that cross disciplinary boundaries, pioneering ideas that address new and emerging fields and applications that introduce unconventional, innovative approaches.

The film is just over 5 minutes long  and will help break down the comprehensive guidance found on their website and call documents.

The film can be found here: ‘Step by Step to ERC Grants