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Four Simple Ways to Apply Behavioural Insights

“If you want to encourage a behaviour, make it Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely”,

This is the advice from the Behavioural Insights Team (also known as the government’s Nudge Unit). Their EAST report covers four simple principles for applying behaviour insights:

  1. Make it Simple (use defaults, reduce hassle, simplify messages)
  2. Make it Attractive (attract attention, offer incentives)
  3. Make it Social (show that most people perform the desired behaviour, use networks)
  4. Make it Timely (prompt people when they are likely to be most receptive)

A copy of the report is available to download from their website here.

10 ways to make public engagement work for you (Guardian Higher Education Network)

Engaging with the public and research go hand in hand. It’s time to ditch the paranoia, and build up a presence in public debate. Read more at

Academic guide to social media and blogging

Claire Shaw, journalist for the Guardian Higher Education Network, shares advice on blogging and using Twitter more effectively.

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ROAM (ReDS Opportunities And Meetings)

The ReDS team run a number of initiatives to support and promote research across UEL. These include focus groups, drop-in sessions, funding workshops, team meetings and the research internship scheme.

We have decided to label these activities as ROAM (ReDS Opportunities And Meetings). Look out for ROAM news and follow-ups on this blog.