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UEL Research Conference: Session 3 – Looking to the Future & Improving Our Lives

Sylvie PrasadDocumenting the self: Mobile Phone Technology, Sociability and Belonging
Sylvie Prasad, School of Arts and Digital Industries‌‌

May Days (2011) is a short film exploring memory, belonging and autobiography. Mobile phone technology is utilised in the film as a record keeping devise but also implicated in the formation of memory for one Alzheimer’s sufferer. This talk will explore the form and themes in the film May Days and how the relatively new technologies of the camera-phone lend themselves to a more subjective personal approach to documenting and documentary. Download the full abstract.

GopalNetuveliTale of two cohorts in the life course influence on quality of life at later ages: roaring twenties vs golden fifties
Gopalakrishnan Netuveli, School of Health, Sport and Bioscience‌‌‌‌

This talk will compare and contrast two cohorts of Europeans with respect to the early life influences on quality of life. They were children during the decades following the two great wars, the 1920s and 1950s, which in spite of the commonality of their immediate past were different: the ‘roaring twenties’ characterised by instability and impetuousness (le années folles) ending with a whimper in the great depression; and the ‘golden fifties’, a period of recovery and restructuring, leaving its mark to be felt even today. Download the full abstract.

The Art of Journalism? Searching for New Ways of Doing News
Andrew Calcutt, School of Arts and Digital Industries

Now that the latest information is widely and freely available, commercial journalism is under pressure to find new ways of offering ‘value added’. Putbluntly, if they can get their information for free, what exactly is it that punters will be prepared to pay for?

This talk will report on a new way of reporting which is being pioneered for the 21st century. Download the full abstract.

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