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UEL Research Conference 2014: Session 1- Lifestyle

donaldridleyPreventing accidents in transport: ‘Mental workload’ an alternative construct to ‘human error’ in the operation of safety critical systems
Donald Ridley, Acting Head of Subject Area: Psychological Interventions, School of Psychology

In transport system failures it is very common for the blame to be laid at the door of the person operating the system: The terms ‘pilot error’ and ‘driver error’ are common currency after such events. This talks explores the notion of ‘error’ and using data from several analyses, shows it to lack both utility and fairness. Download the full abstract.

debra-shawStreets for Cyborgs: The Electronic Flâneur and the Posthuman City
Debra Benita Shaw, School of Arts and Digital Industries

The flâneur, a figure invented by the French poet Charles Baudelaire, has been an extraordinarily persistent figure who has recently re-emerged as the cyberflâneur, strolling the labyrinth of the world wide web in a search for new experiences. This talk will examine the cyberflâneur as representative of an attempt to map digital space according to the conceptual cartography of urban space in which ‘the city’ and ‘the street’ are oppositional ideas. Download the full abstract.

Olivia--CorcoranOpportunities in plant medicines: The London BioNat Network
Olivia Corcoran PhD FHEA CBiol MSB Professor of Bioanalytical Chemistry

The Medicines Research Group (MRG) at UEL has established an international reputation and a critical mass in developing medicines from sustainable plant sources. As a result of its success it has recently joined the London BioNat Network and is developing novel mapping tools that relate chemistry to pharmacological activity for plants used as medicines. Download the full abstract.

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